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Clutter to Clarity

coaching services

Need assistance with...

  • mindful living

  • life balance

  • self-empowerment

  • setting boundaries

  • goal attainment

  • clarity of life purpose

  • organization in life


Pamela Menke

My interest is in assisting you with identifying your path, getting started in the right direction, determining life skills tools, and cutting through the clutter in life. I use a mindfulness based positive psychology approach. My education is a BA in psychology and an MA in Human Services Counseling. I am not a licensed counselor but am a certified life coach. The focus will not be on what happened in the past; it will be about taking an active role in the future.


$50 per session

or pay monthly for 1x a week for discounted rate of $175

We will establish what the primary goal is and determine a path to getting there. Sessions can be done in the comfortable barn office setting or during a walk and talk session on the beautiful property.


Group coaching sessions

$125 per person per month weekly sessions

Topics are on mindfulness, resilience, life-purpose, setting boundaries, or a specific topic can be requested for a group.


Equine Assisted Learning sessions

$60 per session

$40 per person for groups

Life skills can be determined and enhanced through observation of how horses communicate with one another and how they interact with people. Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning process that can provide great insight as the horse is a large biofeedback machine due to their strong emotional sense from being a herd and a prey animal. They use this sense to communicate and respond to the herd.

Articles about Positive Psychology
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